3 Reasons Why Designing Your Clothes is Better

9:40 PM

When I was a kid I always dream of wearing my own designed dress. So I thought of designing my dress and making it a reality. I enrolled myself in  Fashion Design in Philippine Institute of the Philippines and made my fashion aesthetic better. So for today's blog post, I will share with you my first outfit-of-the-day post with the dress I designed.

(Avie's Closet- Dress) (Thrift Shop- Bangle) (Primadonna- Sandals)

Although I know that you already saw this outfit in my first ever blog post. But instead of sharing how much this outfit costs. I thought of telling you why designing your own clothes is a better option. 

1. You control the budget of your outfit. 

-Imagine my designed dress costs only 500! What 500? Quite surprising! But if you will buy a certain dress in a mall it costs you bigger. So what makes it better? You control the costing of your dress.

2. It is uniquely yours

-Designing your own dress is like claiming that the style is only yours. The dress tells the story of your aesthetic and style. 

3. Canvassing of sewers
I love fashion designing but I cannot sew my own designs. So with the help of someone skilled and talented in sewing. I seek for help and thankfully it looks decently great. 

So there you have it! The 3 reasons why designing your own clothes is a better option. Feel inspired with this post? Feel free to share with me your designs and let's talk about it. 

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