Last of 2016

1:53 AM

2017 is about to come in just few hours and it will mark a new journey in our lives. As we welcome this coming new year in our lives. We tend to look back what we did for the past year. For me I guess what I did was taking my blogging career into the next level.

Leaving behind all the familiarity of my previous blog for almost five years. As I grow up and my blog starts to grow up along with me. I transitioned into different topics. But I always ended up with fashion. The only difference is how my blog stands out from other fashion blog is my personality. My thrifty personality when it comes to choosing clothes and stuff. You can't blame me for my limited budget. Because I am just like you also exploring fashion with limited resources. But I believe that limitations shouldn't hinder us from doing what we love. No matter what happens just keep on trying even if you fail, just keep on standing up and look forward tomorrow.

[Black Sheep-Top] [Thrift Shops-Skirt, Bangle and Headband] 
[Chloe Edit-Shoes] 

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