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1:25 AM

So welcome to my website, Stylista Avie a blog where I will teach you how to look stylish without breaking the bank. So I am sure you are wondering? How it will happen? Like branded brands are known for their sophisticated style. How can I be stylish if I don't spend a lot?

Okay calm down! I know your concern and you are thinking that I am kidding you. The answer is NO I am not kidding you. You can be stylish by being thrifty at the same time. You don't need to spend a lot of bucks just to buy a branded pair of shoes, a mini black dress and etc. I Avie Marucot a fashion blogger for almost five years (yes five years) to be exact. I used to be the person who wants to wear something sophisticated yet pricey. In my case I am lucky enough because I have an elder sister who pays for my shopping when I was a student. But the story now is different, I am not a student anymore. So here is the question. 


You should cross out this thinking. Why? Here are some questions you should consider before buying a certain item. 

1. Do I really need to wear it?
2. When I will wear it?
3. How many times I will wear this?
4. How much it costs me?

So to make things easier I will answer each questions in rational and logical manner, let's say more of a thrifty person's perspective. 

Q: Do I really need to wear it?

A: Look at the style, crisp fabric and the structure of the clothes. Consider first your work/school lifestyle, the weather or season (is it summer or rainy?.

Q: When I will wear it?
A: When you will wear this clothing? Is it for summer, holidays or rainy season?  Think about it first, maybe you can buy this clothing next season. 

Q: How many times I will wear this?
A: Another concern! Think about the versatility of the clothing. It doesn't mean this style is popular and trendy then you will buy it immediately. 

Q: How much it costs me?
A: Look at your budget if it costs you too much or if the price is right. Don't overspend for a certain clothing. Remember the needs and wants idea? (we will tackle it someday).

You might be thinking that I am talking too much and I myself is not a thrifty shopper. Then I'll show you my example.

I only spent 1175 PHP or $23.66 only for this look! How it happened? I will show you how.

See the equation? I am not a math whiz but a simple girl with love for fashion can make it happen. 
You too can make it happen!

I am excited to share so many things with you about fashion and being thrifty at the same time.


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