Lomo Come Back

3:59 AM

[No Apologies-Top] [Pazzo- Mid Calf Jean
[Primadonna- Heels] [ SM Dept. Store-Bag]

Hello, I am back from the cave lol yeah I want to call it that way. Anyway, I decided to bring back my blog the way it was before. Once or twice a week will not be a bad idea. Okay, I need to practice discipline, consistency and yeah hard work. It is true for us Generation Y or Millennial (frequently used) lack of discipline, consistency (I am guilty hahahahaha) and hard work. Life is easy for us Millennials because when we were kids (we always have everything). Not in a sense of being rich or whatever. We are cuddled by financial security and material things.

Fast forward to 2017 we all have these, access to information, happenings and latest things. This access is now known as "technology". We always have smartphones, tablets and laptops in front of us. It became a part of our daily life to check what's happening now, connect with people (seeing their lives thru posts) and admit it sometimes when we get likes/hearts in our post. We always have this feeling that we are well liked and loved. I am guilty I also feel the same way (the reasons why I put hashtags in my posts that are related).

 So why I used Lomo as my camera for this comeback? No, I don't have a real Lomo camera, but I used "lomo" effect for this post. I just wanted to remember the times when camera films are rare to have. Now we can take photos as much as we want (even anywhere like comfort room? Just a joke.

See you soonest :)

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